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Channel Albany Viewing Methods


As a subscriber to Spectrum TV, you can find
Albany’s community media channels by using
either of the following two options:

With a cable box and any type of television

                   Channel 18 / 1301 (Public Programming)

                   Channel 17 / 1303 (Government Programming)

                    Channel 16 / 1302 (Educational Programming)

Without a cable box but with a digital flat panel television

                    Channel 19.3 (Public Programming)

                    Channel 19.2 (Government Programming)

                    Channel 19.1 (Educational Programming)

Non-subscribers to Spectrum TV, can view 
Albany’s community media channels for a live stream:


                    Channel Albany 18 by clicking here or

                    Education Albany 16 by clicking here.

Then press the arrow in the viewer to see what is on the channel at that moment.

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